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The internet benefits us all in so many ways, but it's still far from perfect. We exist to help people better protect themselves against rising threats online.


Our Story

“It was April 2014 and we were engineering students. At the time, everyone was using browser ad-blockers and if you weren’t, you were behind. Thom has always been a creator and loved building his own version of things, so he built his own ad-blocker. But his was in the router… This meant that all devices, even tablets, didn't require browser-based ad-blockers anymore because the ad was filtered before it even reached the device.

We had fixed the ad problem, but online safety was a bigger issue that became our focus. Being engaged in the grassroots cyber security community, it occurred to us that our digital lives have evolved greatly over the years and the internet had become more unsafe. Yet there was no convenient solution to comprehensively protect us. We recognised that something had to change. 

This is why we're here. Our mission is to create a safer internet. We safeguard devices to give people the tools to protect their homes and children from digital threats and inappropriate content with no hassle.”


Security and Network Management

Secaura for the home

Steel Mountain’s flagship product, secaura, plugs in directly to a home’s WiFi router and provides comprehensive security for all devices, 24 hours a day, without impacting the speed of your internet. secaura gives you control of your home network at the click of a button and is compatible with all commercial routers with only a five-minute setup process. More Info.

Our Firmware on Your Hardware

We offer software and firmware solutions for LAN and cloud infrastructure that are delivered as a 'software as a service' model. Our solutions can be implemented as a white-label offering.

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